TRAIN – France’s famed rail system covers all corners of the entire country – providing links to neighbors, such as Spain, Italy, Germany and Belgium. Known as the TGV network, it connects the French capital (Paris) to over 200 destinations within the country (ranging from Biarritz in the country’s southwest corner, to Nantes on France’s Atlantic coast, to Lyon – the country’s second-largest city, Normandy (which faces the English Channel), as well as popular Côte d’Azur destinations like Nice, Saint-Tropez, and Monaco – which is legally separate from France, but goes in and out of that principality without needing a passport).


Visitors can purchase tickets through Rail Europe (since it is directly connected to the French reservation system). It provides multilingual reservation confirmations, along with e-tickets that can be printed at home before leaving, or at the departing station upon arrival there. Visitors will be happy to know that Rail Europe also provides various city sightseeing tours, public transportation cards, museum passes and day tours of the country (such as the Champagne region).


For those interested in visiting neighboring UK, there is a separate Eurostar line that takes passengers from Paris to London (in just 2 hours & 15 minutes!).


See Rail Europe’s website for fares, timetables and other info: